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Oct 17

November Approaches

I know some of you are doing NaNoWriMo, I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep pace all month and be able to put up some posts here as well. 

It never fails to amuse me how in a month of intense writing those signed up on the nanowrimo web site are given so much to read and so many ways to procrastinate. That being said if at any point anyone has any questions or just needs to talk something out about their writing my ask is always open November or not, nanowrimo participant or not.

“Fear is felt by writers at every level. Anxiety accompanies the first word they put on paper and the last.” Ralph Keyes (via readingwritingtea)

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Oct 14

Oct 12

holy poutine I finally finished. I think I ought to get a C on it at least, we’ll see. If he grades it the way he has the previous papers then that’s a low estimate. 

time to pass out and try to get at least one REM cycle in before I have to wake up at 7am.

it’s 3.23am omg why? -sobbing-

Oct 11

zero-theredwolf said: do it an i’ll give you something good to eat

… Food?… when would I be getting this good to eat item? -suspicious gaze-

ffffffffffff- I don’t even need a good grade on this paper, I could get a 70 and still pass the class with an A. I don’t want to do this. I REALLY Don’t want to do this paper. Like, I could take a zero for it and still land a B for the class. 

I don’t want to do this paper, I just want it to be done.

I have been typing and formatting for over an hour now and I still don’t have any of the actual writing done for this paper. What even is this monstrosity?

(Starting to wonder if I can in fact pull this off. Hopefully once I get the table of authorities completed I’ll be able to start writing and it’ll go as fast as my creative writing work goes and I can still be done by midnight.)

I have lied so hard all day about having this paper all written out in hand as a first draft when I have nothing at all done for it. I have 5.5 hours to finish it and I still have like zero motivation to type it out. Fifteen pages (14pt font, double spaced) of pure nonsense bullshit.

This class is like this weird mix of technical and creative writing. I have to write a mock Appellate Brief to “submit to the Court of Appeals” but have bare bones information about the actual trial court proceedings and facts of the case so I have to make up nearly everything. 

I hate making up facts for technical work. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it sooooo much. Like, no, you did not give me all the information I need and I can’t actually find any of it on my own because the case isn’t real, and no I don’t want to “just make it up” I would not be making this up if I were actually drafting this as an official document.

All of my tears. 

After tomorrow’s class though I am finally done and can get back to job searching, temping, and tumbling. 

So close, so close and yet so far.

Oct 7




Thanks guys, I needed this talk

lianarainbow50, here’s to you.

I was definitely NOT expecting the last one oh my G O D 

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